Greensboro Newborn Photographer | Sophie Newborn Photos in Greensboro NC

What a special newborn session this was for me.  I was the second shooter at this wonderful couple’s wedding 8 years ago (on my own 1 year wedding anniversary).  And the day before our anniversaries I got to see them again and meet the newest member of their family.  Their gorgeous baby girl, Sophie.  Greensboro, NC is full of amazing people, These are just a few of them.  I love how much love and emotion you can feel coming from the pictures of Shannon and Russ snuggling their new baby.  And do you see that little hand holding her mom’s finger?  <3  Being a newborn photographer is so one of the most rewarding jobs ever.  I love being able to capture their new, perfect little selves when they’re so tiny they can fit in their parents arms so perfectly. The stage is so fleeting so it’s important to capture it so you can remember every detail.  The rolls on their back, the way their mouth hangs open after falling into a milk coma, their darling sleepy smiles and big yawns, how they fit just right in my arms.  Those and so much more are all things I want to remember about my babies! I love my job, seriously it might be hard but it’s the Best. Job. EVER!

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